Speedy Snowboarding

What information is collected?

Speedy Snowboarding collects the name typed in by the player, the device id, a randomly generated id, along with score information (game mode, scores, timestamps). Besides this explicitly collected information, Speedy Snowboarding also implicitly collects information such as IP addresses, Ad information, etc. with log files.

How is the collected information used?

The implicitly collected information is not used in any way. The explicitly collected information is used to generate the high score table in the game and online (accessible from the game). The only visible information is the name given by the player, and their top score. The device id and randomly generated id are used to identify the player.

What information is shared?

No information is shared.


The developer may update this privacy policy at any time. Speedy Snowboarding is provided "as is", with no warranties of any kind. In no event shall the developer be liable for any claim, damages, or other liability due to the use or misuse of Speedy Snowboarding in any way.